Welcome to Carers' Place, the wellbeing hub for Carers ACT.  Carers ACT is your dedicated partner in the Australian Capital Territory, providing support for unpaid carers like you, and for those you care for.  We strive for tangible outcomes for carers, through advocacy, personalised care, and community-driven initiatives.

We recognise and understand the emotional and practical challenges you face, and we are here to help.  As a caregiver, your wellbeing matters, and we work to help you find balance and strength while fulfilling your day-to-day caring responsibilities.

We stand with you as you navigate the challenges of caregiving, and the many healthcare interactions you face.  Our services and support can help provide you a sense of belonging to a community of people, just like you.

Through Carers' Place you can:

  • Register with Carers ACT
  • Find support for you in your caring role
  • Find support for the people you care for
  • Find support for your carer
  • Book services and see your bookings
  • Review information and policies that impact you, and
  • Update and manage your personal details

To get started, click on 'sign in' from the menu above to create a space just for you. If you have any issues registering, one of our people can help. Contact us on 02 6296 9900 or email carers@carersact.org.au.